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Monday, March 24, 2003

better bourbon for young mothers
i had to use up the rest of a roll of high contrast slide film so while wandering around taking pictures of ugly things and feeling mildly how richmond no longer loves me, i have obviously betrayed her, i found the sunflowers that grow between strawberry street and the cement park and thought, i will make it up to everything someday, somehow apologize in some apt way, while at that moment focusing the camera closer and closer and closer, i am a courageous creature creeping among monsters; last night at 4:41 i woke up abruptly and fast began a groggy frantic search for pain medicine, throwing up orange juice and BC powder and crying angrily at the bottom of the bathtub and briefly thinking about how you were missing this; "today it is up to you to create the peacefulness you long for" i ate the only fortune cooky in the house, made buckwheat pancakes from the mix that is still here, felt sad and made my way on buses to barnes and noble where i sat for hours reading erotica and biting my lip


i heart blogger. beacuse blogger makes it happen.

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