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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Date: 12/3/2003 18:24:14 -0500
De: "anda"
À: jimstraub@riseup.net
Sujet: Re: i'm i'm i'm i'm
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oh jim. you fucking took all the warmth and didnt leave anyone any.
andrew's email is ______________. my window house is made of
cracking where everyone throws rocks to get us to let them inside where
it is then very very cold from their rock throwing; i should cry; last
night at the show i got hit in the eyeball with somebody's body and
blood came down my cheek where jessie kelly rubbed her finger to wipe
it off as we talked. all the first graders asked what was wrong with my
face and i said, when you speak you need to raise your hands (and
thought, richmond 2 is going to be built from thick sweaters and
clutched arms and icy cold breezes and painfully frozen fingers and
toes and visible breaths on the corners) cause i can't hear you unless
you raise your hand. i am deaf to unacknowledged speakers, i say. no,
can't hear you. sorry

jim, i like you better as a cooresponder. that is. i like my idea of
what cooresponding will be like, i meant. maybe its the deleting and
erasing and minus our interrupting; we are skilled interrupters; lets
immediately commence idealizing our friendship and turn everything
absolutely into written words so it is totally unreal and made up into
an incredible story. i know you like that.

once upon a time, quilmes bock sounds good, but only if you are allowed
to pronounce it "kill-mess box" which is how it looks. like. how if you
shoot somebody and it get everywhere and maybe their...arm...
(?)...falls away, you would save all the BLOODY MURDER in the kill mess
box. yuck. i am sorry i even brought it up. i am at munas. she lured us
here, andrew and i, promising food, like a fairy tale witch, but we
speculated she only wanted us for dish duty and now i can hear her
directing andrew towards the sink. her email is ______________. at
munas house you have to wash dishes to get dishes to cook in. it is a
backwards cycle. a sort of process...like...you know, backwards
processes. i am not so good today. i'm tired and...i'm a fucking
dinosaur body tday. talk to you soon. don't have too much fun or you'll
run out of it


p.s., a short play

* * *
(in the kitchen)
andrew: punk rock is boring you???
muna: (unintelligible murmur)
andrew: punk rock boy? which one??
lafff: (walking into this room and addressing me) DID YOU PUT DRUGS IN
* * *


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