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Thursday, February 05, 2004

at the end of may of the year-i-learned-what-years-were, i had a birthday party where i wore a blue sundress with pink and green flowers and white kneesocks and brown maryjanes with large gold buckles; in attendance were myself and my sister lorelei, and leah kadolph, leah beneke, kristy fisher, karen perlman, sandy perlman, david venefro, david frear, jaqueline ?, elizabeth stark, and gina cravato. i was in love with david frear but my mama would not let me invite him unless i invited another boy "so he isn't uncomfortable" and i didn't really have any other boys in mind so we decided on david v., who's mom taught me piano and lived three doors down from us. he was in the other kindergarden class.


i heart blogger. beacuse blogger makes it happen.

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