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Monday, February 23, 2004

the three boys i was in love with as a child that are now dead.
1. timmy taylor. i was in love with him throughout first and second grade, 1984-6, because he could run faster than me in gym class. he died in 1993.
2. joey pinciero. i was in love with him in five and sixth grade, 1988-9, during the friday GT class, because he could draw better than me and was sarcastic-minded. he dies in 1993 as well.
3. nate maddox. i was in love with him in ninth grade, 1991. one day we rode the late bus home and i asked him what he was listening to on his walkman and he said something snide and sneering. i was heartbroken and tried to avoid him in the halls. last year i was searching google for the date of the lightning bolt show and discovered that he has been killed on a rooftop in new york in 2002.


i heart blogger. beacuse blogger makes it happen.

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