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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

i found these (pictures missing) buried into the website. they are from 2001, when we sublet charley's house, which had furniture and a television and a bed in the living room that we'd sometimes sleep on instead of our own bed. before this home we had shared a tiny closet of a room on main street, where all of nicholas's national geographics and airplane books and amplifiers were stacked into precarious sculptures that teetered over our little mattress which i'd read books on and worry that i'd made a grave mistake to fly home this time, and wait for him to finish drinking free drinks and paving the way for future affairs with the girls at the bar, the left-at-home-and-waiting archetype. did you know i used to be a girl that was left at home
at some point i said there is no room for my objects among your objects here in our little closet. i've joined the clutter like a souvenir doll and i 'd like to remind you that i am a girl who takes up space. we have to find a whole apartment to hold us, we are an intense and frightening people---
in the new house, which came with an unimaginable cleaniness we could not break, i learned how to make websites
everything fell apart really badly around then. the apartment was so well-furnished that we tried desperately to behave like grown-ups, and neither of us was any good at it. he watched alot of television and sometimes we'd fall asleep on the futon instead of our bed and i hate television. because of these dark days.


i heart blogger. beacuse blogger makes it happen.

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