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16 November 2005



yesterday i played tag for five hours, and later had a surreal conversation on my porch with john that eventually unravelled in this very disenheartening way. today i gave the autistic kids an hour of recess and decided to buy a jumprope. the problem is that i am just too fucking smart for talking, okay?

or actually two jumpropes, so that i could double dutch with lori 40 and jessie.

1. jumpropes
2. eggrolls
3. the boys arrived via the brooklyn-birthed RV, which is long. they arrived in the exact same way all of our houseguests do, hollering jessie's name from the living room. we sat by the empty firepit and i squinted at them in my pajamas. then i rode my bike ten miles to southside.
4. orange juice and vodka like an old hand, or hag, or handle, i guess. if its raining when i wake up i'm quitting Go To Work Every Day Month without regret. 'cause fuk discomfort, and anyway i want to drink all day tomorrow. and read the comedians

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1. i'm trying Haloscan.
2. and i want to marry Blogger.

anda gail lewis 2005. stop crying every day.