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30 November 2005


today was the last day of november and i finally got a paycheck and now i am slurping up andre champagne mixed with some crackwhore diet apple juice that has something peppy like chromium in it, and a five dollar lottery ticket, AND I AM BACK IN BUSINESS, FRIENDS. its my entire household's birthday. last night about twenty of us rode through the "sort of" tornado in the RV to mekong and drank so many volcanos that mekong ran out of volcano cups. (to use a sentence with the word tornado and volcano in it, that is) if i keep going to work every day (i am not) then i may win the right to a Grand Adventure. like moving. because moving away is my favorite prize.

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1. i'm trying Haloscan.
2. and i want to marry Blogger.

anda gail lewis 2005. stop crying every day.