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30 November 2005


today was the last day of november and i finally got a paycheck and now i am slurping up andre champagne mixed with some crackwhore diet apple juice that has something peppy like chromium in it, and a five dollar lottery ticket, AND I AM BACK IN BUSINESS, FRIENDS. its my entire household's birthday. last night about twenty of us rode through the "sort of" tornado in the RV to mekong and drank so many volcanos that mekong ran out of volcano cups. (to use a sentence with the word tornado and volcano in it, that is) if i keep going to work every day (i am not) then i may win the right to a Grand Adventure. like moving. because moving away is my favorite prize.

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28 November 2005


on the ones that want to live in a tree-house, and the ones that kick at you
stan berenstain died. but i was already so sad anyways. i can't lift my head off the table. Q: "did you spend the day fretting about the future, and several other items that you cannot immediately control?" A: oh, please tell me i ought to be doing more, that i am not doing enough.

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26 November 2005


1. irma la douce
2. kerosine heaters

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16 November 2005



yesterday i played tag for five hours, and later had a surreal conversation on my porch with john that eventually unravelled in this very disenheartening way. today i gave the autistic kids an hour of recess and decided to buy a jumprope. the problem is that i am just too fucking smart for talking, okay?

or actually two jumpropes, so that i could double dutch with lori 40 and jessie.

1. jumpropes
2. eggrolls
3. the boys arrived via the brooklyn-birthed RV, which is long. they arrived in the exact same way all of our houseguests do, hollering jessie's name from the living room. we sat by the empty firepit and i squinted at them in my pajamas. then i rode my bike ten miles to southside.
4. orange juice and vodka like an old hand, or hag, or handle, i guess. if its raining when i wake up i'm quitting Go To Work Every Day Month without regret. 'cause fuk discomfort, and anyway i want to drink all day tomorrow. and read the comedians

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04 November 2005


into the night
we biked to the nirvana cover band. eric and lee and i moshed and were happy, and i'm 28, and this is important. outside in the yard some man started pretending to be eastern philosophy all close to me (it took me three tries to spell philosophy just now, and it maybe isn't correct) and then he pulled out his drivers license to prove he was 40 years old, saying and no, i don't know that guy who killed taylor behl as i inched away from him. then those of us that hopped on bicycles and escaped! into the night!
i drank one bottle of champagne. earlier, i carried twenty-two black helium-filled balloons down the street in one hand, on the bike. some pre-frat child stabbed a balloon (somehow?brandishing a knife?) as i rode past, and i slurred threats, and made it home;
then smeared white gooey zombie makeup allover my face and danced for a long time, ate aderol and later trying to uncomplicate my bedsheets tried to drunkenly write this very epic love letter because i was very drunk, brilliant, emotional; but i couldn't write in english anymore and my handwriting is cursive but then i forgot how to write in cursive and so, at a total loss, decides to read herself to sleep and pulled a gigantic pile of books from the shelf onto my head when going for the bottommost one, and hollered bloody murder, and had really angry dreams about my enemies. this morning my whole face was broken out in zits and i looked like a zombie. you ought to be scared!

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i for got about this.

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02 November 2005


second grade
today i was given a pencil drawing of a man with no nose and a body shaped like a pyramid, enclosed portrait-style inside a pertect square with the words HOME ALONE 2 written across the top. underneath it says "By Chance". i'm going to bike over to chance's house and afix it to his fridge.

asia had to stay in the room during Specials (wednesday: art) and spent the 45 minutes snivelling pitifully at her desk, as if she hadn't been a asshole the entire morning. while i wrote on neon pink post-it paper, Asia had a difficult time following directions today. Also, she had an attitute with the Art teacher, who sent her back to class during Art.

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1. i'm trying Haloscan.
2. and i want to marry Blogger.

anda gail lewis 2005. stop crying every day.